Comic Con ’16: Where dreams meet reality

Nothing feels better than meeting people who share the same interests as you and nothing feels greater than like minded people gathering in the same place at the same time.

I’d never been to Comic Con before, but I’d always wanted to go. My biggest regret was not being able to go for Comic Con 2015 because the guest of honor was  Kristian Nairn who plays played Hodor in the Game of Thrones T.V show and as a huge GoT fan, I’ll surely carry this regret to my grave. But this does not mean I didn’t have fun in my first ever Comic Con experience!


I love reading manga but I can count on one hand the amount of people I know who share that very same interest which if you think about it is a little disheartening. And all the manga I’ve ever come across is via the internet.

Hence, being able to physically feel and touch an actual manga with my very own hand was such a pleasure! I cant even describe how excited I was to see an entire stall filled with every kind of manga! I was literally in paradise!

Seeing so many people cosplaying as different characters was such a treat. I wanted to cosplay as well but unfortunately because my semester exams had gotten over just the previous day, there wasn’t much time to pull of a costume even though my friends and I wanted to dress up as GoT characters. img_20161230_134023

But I have to say, the highlight of Comic Con 2016 was the Jon Snow cosplayer. My friend and I were just walking around when our eyes landed on him. He looked immaculate in his on point costume.

I’m a very shy person and I dont usually approach strangers but getting a picture with him was super duper important. And at that moment, all my shyness had been forgotten and I walked up to him with my bestest smiles and asked him for a picture! Now that I think about it, I’m so surprised at myself. I like this split second bold version of myself!

My experience at Comic Con was truly one of a kind. Being able to see all the fandoms gathered together under one roof and just having the best time of their lives was amazing. I’ve always heard about how cool Comic Con is and now I can say it myself, Comic Con lives up to its hype. Actually, it’s even better than that.






Korean Cultural Festival 2016

It all started when I when I was walking down the corridors of my college and suddenly decided to check out the notice board. I don’t know why. I never look at the notice board but that day I just randomly looked at it. I think my heart was about to explode out of my chest when I my eyes landed on a poster. My first reaction was to take a picture of it and12697115_971976156212198_4365780142144847404_o then after that I grinned all the way while I was walking towards my class. I found myself wishing that 20th Feb would come soon.

I had missed the 2015 Korean Festival held in November because it was smack between my exams. But there was no way in hell I was going to miss this one! I told my friends about who are also K-pop fans and they were excited as well but when I asked them this friday if they were coming, they all backed out. I couldn’t fathom WHY anybody would want to not go!! But, god bless my ever available childhood friends who agreed to go with me in an instant. And thankfully one of my childhood friends is also a crazy k-pop fan like me.

Honestly I was surprised when I found out it was being organised by the Delhi University Korean Students Union. Like i had NO idea that there were Korean students here. But as I entered the college today, I heard someone IMG_20160220_193234answer there phone and go “Yeoboseyo” I cant even explain my reaction at hearing that. Like gosh I think i died. My friends were telling me to calm the fuck down. I thought I was in mini-korea with korean music blaring through the speakers, Korean people around and Korean food. I was literally in la-la land!

I had never had Korean food before so I was pretty excited to try it for the first time. I saw that they were selling Kimbap and that was the first thing I tried. Sadly, after the first bite I realized that Korean food was definitely NOT for me. I also ate kimchi, chicken pop, rice cakes (which i liked) and this Korean ice cream (I don’t remember what its called). I was really looking forward to the food but man, its just not for me.

I also got my name written in Korean! Aaaand best of all, I tried on a Hanbok!! That was soo exciting! And surprisingly, I didnt look that bad in it 😛

I had a really amazing time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend the movie screening and the k-pop contest. But nonetheless, I was in my happy place. Hoping for more amazing days like this to come.

The Western Portrayal of India and Other Concerns

The recent music video of Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend has sparked an online row for cultural appropriation and misrepresenting India’s culture. Hence, as an 18 year old living in India, I’ve decided to write down my thoughts about the video and all the other music video shot by white people in India.


Growing up, I had often heard the phrase “India is a land of snake charmers”. I’ve never seen a snake charmer in my entire life and I’ve lived in the country since my mom gave birth to me. But India has always been called that: A land of snake charmers, poverty, culture and colors. I’m not denying the existence of anyone of them (well…I’ve never seen a snake charmer so I don’t know about that). Everything that is said certainly has a hint of truth in it.

When I heard that Coldplay was shooting a music video in India I was thrilled. I like stuff like that. Who wouldn’t? I even liked the music video of Lean On by DJ Snake. I wasn’t even thinking about cultural appropriation or stuff like that. I was just enjoying the music video and the catchy song.

I didn’t even realize Coldplay’s MV was out until I saw a long rant of one of my friends on Facebook, slamming the video for being too clichéd. As I was curious about it, I decided to check it out and that’s when I began to think about all the other videos and movies short by westerners in India.

“So clichéd” was the first thought that came to my mind while watching the video. It had every stereotype EVER used in ANY videos shot by white people in India. Kids running around playing Holi (why are they so obsessed with holi??), sadhus walking, holi, levitating sadhus, kathakali dancers, more holi, and kid dressed as Shiva. Other than that, there was also Coldplay playing holi as kids danced around them, a 3 second cameo by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor in a ghagra choli dress, Beyonce as a Bollywood actress called Rani, Chris Martin enjoying a movie starring Beyonce as ‘Rani’ in an age old theatre (because India doesn’t have any modern day theatres, right?).


I’m not denying the existence of anything that was shown in the video. They do exist. And it’s different from anything you’ve ever seen, which is probably what people find attractive and exotic about India. But here’s the thing. We have things other than what India is represented as by the westerners. You must think that’s a stupid statement to make. But let me tell you about something that I was asked by a friend of mine from Britain. I was once telling him about my dislike for Subway sandwiches when he asked me, “India has Subway?”  I was just stunned. That was SUCH a ridiculous statement to make. I began an angry rant about how India had everything. Marks and Spencer, Zara, Vero Moda, Burger King etc. I couldn’t believe I had to explain this to him. I was so angry but then I began thinking that if he believes there is literally nothing in India except poverty, surely there are others who believe that as well. The mere thought makes me cringe.

I’m no patriot. There are several things wrong about this county and I’m one of the first ones to point those out. But I do live in India and there are things I love about it as well. And I think Coldplay MV captures that. Setting aside my slight problem with the stereotypes, it’s a beautiful video. I love how it captures India so beautifully. I love the song as well. And I don’t have anything against the video. It represents a reality we all know exists. But there are other realities as well. It has poverty as well as riches, age old theatres as well as modern ones, people dancing on the streets as well as people dancing in nightclubs. In other words, India is a country where several realities co-exist.

The perfect end statement to this would be the one I heard made by a girl in the Buzzfeed video about the Coldplay’s MV- “It’s like a Facebook picture that you’re tagged in. You don’t like it cause it’s not your best angle but it’s still you”.

Dragon’s Loyalty Blog Award


I’d like to thank Clemence @Word&Dreams for this award! It means a lot and I really, really appreciate it! 🙂

The rules:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Announce your win with a post link the blogger who awarded you.
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7 Facts About Me:

  1. EXO’s Call Me Baby is the song that got me into K-pop 😀

I’m a proud EXO-L!!

2. My favourite YA series is The Hunger Games


Fire is catching and if we burn, you burn with us.

3. My favourite Kdrama is and always will be Pinocchio ❤




aaaand another one because one is never enough!


4. Back in 8th grade I was so obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo the football player that whenever there was an article about him in the newspaper, I used to cut it out and stick it in a scrapbook (LOL) aaand on top of that, my classmates used to bring newspaper cuttings of him and give it to me. 😛


I was kinda crazy back then 😛

5. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey begins to play I WILL begin to dance. Its automatic.


Its a great song and I get reallly pumped up when i hear it!

6. Bubbles was my favourite Powerpuff Girl when i was a child. Infact, I used to love her so much that my cousins began referring to me as Bubbles. Some of them still call me that XD


I still hold a soft spot for her

7. My favourite anime is Hana Yori Dango. It has a special place in my heart and nothing can EVER replace it.


Infact, it’s soo good that it has been adapted into several live-action dramas!

Now Id like to nominate some of my favourite blogs for this award!