Comic Con ’16: Where dreams meet reality

Nothing feels better than meeting people who share the same interests as you and nothing feels greater than like minded people gathering in the same place at the same time.

I’d never been to Comic Con before, but I’d always wanted to go. My biggest regret was not being able to go for Comic Con 2015 because the guest of honor was  Kristian Nairn who plays played Hodor in the Game of Thrones T.V show and as a huge GoT fan, I’ll surely carry this regret to my grave. But this does not mean I didn’t have fun in my first ever Comic Con experience!


I love reading manga but I can count on one hand the amount of people I know who share that very same interest which if you think about it is a little disheartening. And all the manga I’ve ever come across is via the internet.

Hence, being able to physically feel and touch an actual manga with my very own hand was such a pleasure! I cant even describe how excited I was to see an entire stall filled with every kind of manga! I was literally in paradise!

Seeing so many people cosplaying as different characters was such a treat. I wanted to cosplay as well but unfortunately because my semester exams had gotten over just the previous day, there wasn’t much time to pull of a costume even though my friends and I wanted to dress up as GoT characters. img_20161230_134023

But I have to say, the highlight of Comic Con 2016 was the Jon Snow cosplayer. My friend and I were just walking around when our eyes landed on him. He looked immaculate in his on point costume.

I’m a very shy person and I dont usually approach strangers but getting a picture with him was super duper important. And at that moment, all my shyness had been forgotten and I walked up to him with my bestest smiles and asked him for a picture! Now that I think about it, I’m so surprised at myself. I like this split second bold version of myself!

My experience at Comic Con was truly one of a kind. Being able to see all the fandoms gathered together under one roof and just having the best time of their lives was amazing. I’ve always heard about how cool Comic Con is and now I can say it myself, Comic Con lives up to its hype. Actually, it’s even better than that.






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